Qristyl Frazier dazzles the “plus” community with her exhilarating designs that are created specifically to make the curvy woman of today feel confident, sophisticated and “Plus Sexy”. Her riveting designs continue to pave the way for a fashion revolution within the curvy community. Qristyl is shaking up the design world by creating custom pieces which contain high-end fabrics and are tailored by height and size for that precise fit for each individual diva. 


Do you wish you were cool enough to dress like fashionable rappers Will.i.am, A$AP Rocky and Kanye? Well Black Kaviar are determined to allow every man to have the opportunity to dress like their idols. The luxury French urban brand specialises in black leather, bold prints and long dress style coats that might sound odd but actually look pretty damn good.


California native Roger Canamar is in his breakout year as one of fashions newest and brightest couture designers. His classic elegant lines mixed with a modern edge defines the core of his collections. 


Valerie is best known for being an expert in the tactile experience that fine clothing could offer, having grown up around a wide variety of textiles and fibers. Quality is the DNA of her brand. This commitment to high-quality fabrics guides how she curates materials